Electric Gates Repair & Installation

Electric gates can be heavy and will require powerful motors to be opened effectively. In the event of a breakdown or damage to the electric gate opener, some kind of repair will be necessary to help you enter and leave your property.

Other problems you may experience with electric gates may include damage or wear and tear on the gate itself. We offer a full electric gates repair service in Orange County, capable of repairing and maintaining the gate itself and all motors and electrical components associated with it.

Our highly competent technicians will examine the symptoms of your electric gate problems, and determine the cause of the issue. They will work swiftly to establish a repair and minimize the amount of disruption you face. 

In Orange County, automatic gates repair can be an expensive business, but we pride ourselves on our very efficient and affordable service. No other company has our experience, and we can often provide innovative solutions based on our knowledge that will save you both time and money.

For top quality electric gate repair in Orange County, look no further than Spirit Garage Doors. Contact us now to get you repair completed as quickly as possible.